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Moral Courage programming consists of modules that can be delivered in-person or virtually.

Participants learn collaborative
communication skills — and how to turn those skills into effortless habits.

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See our modules below. Together, we'll combine them into a high-impact journey for your people. Let's go.


This one-hour "table-setter" introduces the idea, framework, and science of Moral Courage. Your organization's dedicated Moral Courage Mentor converses with a moderator of your choice for 30-40 minutes, then takes spontaneous questions from everyone else.

Your Mentor will share compelling stories and research. They’ll explain what “Moral Courage” means and why it matters now more than ever. They'll also unpack core insights, like how labeling one another often stops us from genuinely appreciating one another.

We can provide sample questions for the conversation or let you completely surprise your Mentor. Either way, the Fireside Chat is an on-ramp that serves as a bridge to the next module: our skills-building Communication Workshop.

TIP: Our most popular offering combines the FIRESIDE CHAT ("Table-Setter"👆🏾) with the COMMUNICATION WORKSHOP ("Skills-Builder"👇🏾).

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This LIVE and interactive 90-minute experience teaches that a culture of belonging is defined less by what we believe than by how we communicate our beliefs. Put simply, are we able to discuss sensitive issues without intimidating or “canceling” each other?

As participants, you'll draw from your lived experiences to explore the challenge of listening in times of awkward tension, high emotion, or deep division.


You’ll leave the workshop with practical techniques for turning different, even clashing, perspectives into opportunities to engage productively. Best of all, these techniques are actionable right away.

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To become habits, skills need to be practiced and applied.
After the COMMUNICATION WORKSHOP, adopt one or more of the follow-up modules below.


New York



This on-demand, pre-recorded, and self-paced course is called
"Diversity Without Division: Introducing the Moral Courage Method of Communicating Across Divides."

We define "diversity" to mean different viewpoints, not merely different demographics. So this is a master class in how to cultivate organizations that are both inclusive and innovative. 


Your new skills apply beyond work, too. Use them in your family, sports team, amateur band, religious congregation, civic movement, condo board — wherever human beings gather and ego gets in the way of healthy collaboration.

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Learn more on the course landing page. In brief, users will gain the skills to:

Ask questions from a place of curiosity rather than judgment.


Hear, not fear, different opinions on issues that matter to them.


View themselves and others as more than mascots of "victim" or "victor" groups.


Recognize that empathy is a much smarter, more constructive emotion than feeling offended.


Draw the best from multiple perspectives to become innovative problem-solvers.

We recommend enrolling as a cohort. When everyone finishes the course, we can help the cohort practice their Moral Courage skills and thereby turn those skills into habits. See our "Practice Bootcamp" module below.


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As much a social activity as a team-building exercise, this module taps into the timeliness of Irshad Manji's book, Don't Label Me: How to Do Diversity Without Inflaming the Culture Wars.

(Fun fact: Chris Rock calls the book “genius.”)

BONUS: If located in the contiguous U.S., your organization will receive a significant discount on orders of 25+ books as well as free shipping to a central address.

EXTRA BONUS: Download the first section of Don't Label Me

Materials are designed to help participants discover their personal truths, share them with others, compare and contrast opposing viewpoints in healthy ways, and thus strengthen an inclusive, innovative team culture.


Our package provides facilitator tips and a discussion guide
informed by the latest science of human development.


You can end with a virtual session in which we'll guide book club members to practice their Moral Courage skills daily, transforming them into habits. See our "Practice Plan" module below.


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What are the indicators of progress? How do you avoid the pitfalls of overconfidence? Is there a healthy way to give feedback? Oh, and can all of this be fun? (Fear not; we gamify your practice sessions!)

If you choose, we can work with you to provide year-round skills mentorshipSee our final module below.

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Having knowledge isn't the same as applying it. You can know the rules of a sport or the physics of a musical instrument, but to play either of them well, you need to practice, practice, practice. 


Ditto for the skills of Moral Courage: to exercise them impactfully, you need to make them habits. Which requires practice, practice, practice.


Our "Practice Makes Painless" bootcamp caps the Moral Courage journey that you've all taken as a team. Through this LIVE virtual workshop, we guide participants to support one another in practicing the collaborative communication skills that they've learned.

Upon graduating, they'll help you embed Moral Courage skills in your organization's onboarding process, performance reviews, promotion criteria, and professional development. They'll also belong to our global network of Moral Courage
Mentors, a curated community through which they can continue learning, growing, and contributing.

To keep the MC Mentor program affordable, our nonprofit arm runs it. Visit

Moral Courage


This final module ensures that the skills of Moral Courage are taught, reinforced, and integrated within your organization year-round.

Pairs of employees may train through our micro-time, executive education-style certificate program. Why pairs? So they'll have each other as practice and support buddies while training as well as while teaching coworkers later.

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Practice Plan
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