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Photo: Brian Tuft / Progressive Insurance

According to recent research, employees who feel like they belong are 75x more likely to be fully engaged at work.

You read that number right.

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Moral Courage fosters inclusive and innovative cultures that center the employee experience. Here's how.


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Begins with what we share before diving into how we differ. Shared ground
cultivates trust.

Recognizes that people are dynamic and ever-evolving, not static categories or commodities to be labeled.

Honors individuality because each of us has a unique back story, even if we identify with certain groups, values, or philosophies.

Reveals that every individual — yes, every last one of us — wields power in the form of our ego (primitive brain). This presents a choice about what we'll do with that power, especially in times of brewing tension, high emotion, or deep division.

Uses behavioral science to show how we can speak truth to the ego's power. When we get into the habit of educating our ego, it's much easier to hear others. Which then motivates others to hear us.

In short, Moral Courage teaches the science and skills of belonging, the foundation on which employee engagement thrives.

Explore our progamming.

Irshad Manji, our CEO, spoke at Western Michigan University's
Center for Principled Leadership and Business Strategy.

These 6 video clips
are from the Center's
podcast, "The Jungle."
Watch as Prof. Manji
solves for dilemmas in
business today.

Peruse our programming and join the Moral Courage journey.
You're in good company.


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