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In the Al era, more and more customers, sales prospects, and employees will put a premium on the human touch.

We call this the "Human Premium." It's your opportunity to lead.
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To leverage the Human Premium, let's first understand it.



Iron law: An excess of anything devalues that thing. A scarcity of anything increases its value. For example, too much information lowers the value of content and increases the value of attention. Similarly...


In the age of AI, an excess of automation will generate a scarcity of the human touch. Which means your customers, clients, and constituents will crave human relationships that cultivate trust. Which, in turn, means that... 


More and more people will pay a premium to deal with human beings who care about them. Welcome to the Human Premium produced by the iron law of scarcity.

See the opportunity?

Leadership in the Al era is about applying the Human Premium to employee wellness, customer service, and sales growth. Your toolkit: the skills of Moral Courage.

As she leads a virtual workshop on the Moral Courage Method of communicating, watch Prof.
d Manji use the very skills
that she's teaching
such as
asking sincere questions, listening to learn, and inviting

Bring the Moral Courage Method of communicating to your team through a customized multi-module journey.

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