Think of each module as a Lego piece with which you can build your organization's unique journey. Choose from the modules below.


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This one-hour “appetizer” introduces the idea, framework, and science of Moral Courage to your entire organization. Via LIVE video, your dedicated Moral Courage Mentor converses with a moderator of your choice for 30-40 minutes, then takes spontaneous questions from everyone else.

Your Mentor will share compelling stories and research. They’ll explain what “Moral Courage” means and why it matters more than ever. And they’ll unpack core concepts, like how labeling one another can stop us from genuinely appreciating one another.

We can provide sample questions for the conversation or let you completely surprise your Mentor. Either way, the fireside chat is an on-ramp that maximizes access to your Mentor, humanizes the Moral Courage Method of communicating across differences, and helps you identify those employees who’d love to dive deeper.


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This LIVE and interactive 90-minute experience teaches that a culture of belonging is defined less by what we believe than by how we communicate our beliefs. Put simply, are we able to discuss sensitive issues without intimidating or “canceling” each other?

As participants, you'll draw from your lived experiences to explore the challenge of listening in times of awkward tension, high emotion, or deep division. You’ll leave the workshop with practical techniques for turning different, even clashing, perspectives into opportunities to engage productively. Best of all, these techniques are actionable right away.


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As much a social activity as a professional development exercise, this module leverages the timeliness of Prof. Manji’s latest book, Don’t Label MeHow to Do Diversity Without Inflaming the Culture Wars. (Fun fact: Chris Rock calls the book “genius.”)

An extra perk: If located in the continental U.S., your organization will receive a significant discount on orders of 25+ books as well as free shipping to a central address.


Materials are designed to help participants discover their personal truths, share them with others, compare and contrast opposing viewpoints in healthy ways, and thereby strengthen team spirit.


The package includes a discussion guide, facilitator tips that prioritize openness, and a LIVE capstone webinar led by your Moral Courage Mentor. They’ll invite disagreement with their ideas so they can model how to have constructive conversations about contentious issues.

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This on-demand, pre-recorded, and self-paced offering gives individuals the skills to have an impact in the wider communities that they’re passionate about — for example, their religious congregations, sports teams, civic movements, condo boards, parent groups, or families.

In any community that the participants choose, they can now mentor others to resist the lure of Us-Against-Them thinking and, ultimately, to achieve diversity without division in society.

The course teaches users how to help more people do these things:


  • Create brave spaces for asking sincere questions;

  • Hear, rather than fear, different opinions;

  • View themselves, and each other, as more than mascots of “oppressed” and “oppressive” groups;

  • Recognize that empathy is a much smarter, more constructive emotion than feeling offended;

  • Draw the best from multiple perspectives and become innovative problem-solvers.

Through cutting-edge content, thought-provoking activities, case studies, and play, participants can get more than they bargained for: the opportunity to serve not just as savvy mentors, but also as better role-models, caregivers, and leaders.


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To renew your certification, you'll also receive continuing ed opportunities. And through events hosted by our nonprofit team, you'll be invited to network at the local, national, and global levels — bringing best practices in mentorship back to the people you serve. Learn more at


This module, the pinnacle of your Moral Courage journey, is offered exclusively through our nonprofit foundation.


If you complete the online course, you'll be eligible to train — and get certified — as a professional Moral Courage Mentor. 


Over five months of training, you'll apply the skills of Moral Courage in our real and messy world. With our guidance, you'll conceive, design, and execute a project that tangibly advances the culture of belonging in your organization or community.

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