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Through the MORAL COURAGE METHOD, we teach people to form meaningful relationships across differences, disagreements, and even mutual disgust.

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In short, the Moral Courage Method teaches the art, science, and skills of inclusion, the foundation upon which diversity flourishes. By adopting this method, your organization will create a culture of true belonging.


Begins with what we share before diving into how we’re different, since shared ground cultivates trust.

Recognizes that people are dynamic and ever-evolving, not static categories or commodities to be labeled.

Embraces individuality because each of us has a unique back story

even as we identify with certain groups.

Reveals that almost every individual enjoys some power — a voice, a choice and, above all, a brain whose primitive region gives rise to the ego (which is exceptionally powerful…).

Uses neuroscience and cognitive psychology to show how powerful the ego is. When we speak truth to this power, we’re far more likely to be understood because we’re taming our ego to understand others first.

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