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Study after study shows that they're hurting more than helping. Old-school DEI courses can actually increase resentment between groups, and chill necessary conversations around challenging topics. 


That’s why the Oprah award-winner, Prof. Irshad Manji, has created a better way — an online course that teaches valuable inclusion skills.

Belonging is a vital feature of a thriving organization.
But are traditional inclusion programs nurturing a healthy environment?
“Diversity Without Division is a game-changer.”
Johnny C Taylor, Diversity Without Division Testimonial

JOHNNY C. TAYLOR, President and CEO of the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM)

Professional Development Credits and More

This self-guided online course consists of five skill-building modules. Go at your own pace, and if you’re a SHRM-certified learner, you’ll earn nine Professional Development Credits towards your recertification. You might even enroll your DEI team and debrief the learnings together, making the course a social activity!

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