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Diversity without Division

Choose an inclusion program that's truly inclusive

Belonging is a vital feature of a thriving organization.

But are traditional inclusion programs nurturing a healthy environment?

Study after study shows that they're hurting more than helping. Old-school DEI courses can actually increase resentment between groups, and chill necessary conversations around challenging topics. 


That’s why the Oprah award-winner, Prof. Irshad Manji, has created a better way — an online course that teaches valuable inclusion skills.

“Diversity Without Division is a game-changer.”

JOHNNY C. TAYLOR, President and CEO of the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM)


Built on in-depth research about how to unify people in polarized times, Diversity Without Division fosters collaborative, curious, and psychologically healthy work teams in three key ways: 

The course is called
“Diversity Without Division."




DWD rejects the labeling and blaming of people, no matter what group they’re born into. 


DWD doesn’t tell people what’s okay to say or believe; it teaches people how to lower their emotional defenses when discussing tough topics.

DWD defines “diversity” to include different viewpoints, because individuals aren’t the same even if they belong to the same group. 


Ready to take the next step?

This self-guided online course consists of five skill-building modules. Go at your own pace, and if you’re a SHRM-certified learner, you’ll earn nine Professional Development Credits towards your recertification. You might even enroll your DEI team and debrief the learnings together, making the course a social activity!

“DWD left us gobsmacked and relieved. An employee of color said she always abhorred diversity training for how useless it seemed. This was different. Likewise, our conservative employees felt respected for the first time.”

— BEV HUTNEY, CEO of The Stelter Company

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